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June 21, 2010 / jamieai

on pesticides, herbicides and insecticides

What’s the distinction among a pesticide, herbicide and insecticide?

A pesticide is substance designed to control, prevent, destroy or repel pests, including fungi, bacteria, weeds, mice and insects. Pesticides work by touch or ingestion by the pest, and can kill immediately or gradually. Herbicides and insecticides are pesticides. Fungicides are also pesticides.

An herbicide is designed to control weeds and other undesirable plants. Herbicides may be selective (control specific weeds, and often used on lawns and golf courses) or non-selective (control wide variety of plants, commonly deployed in industrial areas).

An insecticide is designed to control insects. Insecticides may control insects by touch or insect ingestion. Common household insecticides are ant and wasp killer sprays, along with remedies such as beer or chewing gum. Insecticides aren’t intended to harm animals or birds.

A fungicide is a type of pesticide designed to control molds and mildew.

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