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June 20, 2010 / jamieai

2 great sky map apps

Fireflies are dancing in the yard tonight against a brightly lit moon. I use two great sky maps to view the heavens:

  • Stellarium: A free desktop application for Linux, Mac and Windows with a catalog of more than 600,000 stars. The app displays asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for twelve cultures. Stellarium displays a realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset from your location or any location that you enter. Zoom, time control and telescopic control are included. This is a fantastic application for star gazers.
  • Google Sky Map: A free Android app. Orientation sensors show an accurate star map for your location. Explore planets, stars, constellations with this app. This is a terrific app from Google.
  • Do you use these apps, or know about other sky map apps?

    June 20, 2010 / jamieai

    Fun game: Canabalt

    I read an article on NPR’s WAIT WAIT, don’t blog me! site about Canabalt, a free online game and an iPhone application (iTunes link – $2.99). I started playing the game a few days ago and like it a lot! Jump over obstacles and across buildings as you run. The game runs your player, so you only have to jump at the right time to avoid random chairs, boxes, falling machines, unstable buildings and other obstacles.

    June 19, 2010 / jamieai

    Atlassian Summit 2010 videos

    Atlassian has posted video presentations from the Atlassian Summit 2010.  The video website has a great layout, with a Fan Favorites section. The videos are informative, ranging from general sessions on Atlassian products and ecosystems, to developer resources and helpful case studies. For an overview of Confluence wiki, check out the State of the Union video.

    Here are a few Confluence highlights in Confluence 3.3:

    • Pages can be shared among communities!
    • Table cells can be merged
    • Macros can be moved within a page, visually
    • The editor is richer and faster, and dynamically displays on the screen as pages are scrolled
    • Documentation theme is built into Confluence 3.2 (beautiful visualization in the video at 28:31)
    • Easy Reader theme is a fixed layout theme for larger screens
    • Images and text may be aligned to each other and moved on a page as a single unit

    Most of the presentations are posted along with the videos, and on Slideshare (GoAtlassian). Atlassian also has informative videos in YouTube (GoAtlassian).

    I’ve been using Confluence since 2007 and continue to be impressed with design and feature implementations. I look forward to strengthening and expanding the use of Confluence, and to continue to integrate with other systems.

    Great conference and terrific videos!

    June 19, 2010 / jamieai

    Wired Business Conference: Disruptive by Design Part II

    This is the second post of Wired Business Conference: Disruptive by Design highlights and tweets (using #wiredbiz hashtag): What a terrific conference so far!

  • Surprise speaker! NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: The iPad isn’t a fad – it’s part of something bigger. “For the record, I own an iPad.” In South Africa, 50% of people have a cell phone. The potential to change the world isn’t just there, it’s taking place. NYC has more media and information jobs than any other metropolitan city in the nation (more than 350,000 people). Bloomberg announced formation of NYC Media Lab. Says tech investment in NYC greater now than in Silicon Valley. announced today.
  • Steve Case on Lessons Learned In Healthcare & Other Industries: Poll: What’s the most effective way to engage people in their health? Incentivize docs to offer preventative care. On healthcare reform: Great progress can be made if we put doctors in direct contact with consumers – give consumers the tools to ask the right questions and get information. The real debate with healthcare reform is insurance reform. Revolution Health started in 2005 as holding company for content, community, coverage and care. Focused on both consumer and HCP. Split to five companies now to make nimble. Bias on consumer-side, including every day health and wellness. Opportunity to change healthcare is on wellness and prevention. The revolution is on consumer-empowerment side. Opportunity is to unleash the attackers, the disruptors to change the system. Many iPhone apps for health and wellness. We’re on early fringes of changing healthcare system. Micro clinics in pharmacies are classic disruptor – how to scale to national level? Anchor to retail strategy. Zip car and flex car: car sharing in large cities. Remote access via phone to find open car, then return when finished. People will reduce their driving when they have access to convenient, efficient transport. How to take revolution that’s there and transform it? This is what it’s all about. If you’re successful, you can change the world.
  • Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company: Starbucks is the biggest wi-fi network in America. Starbucks spends $300 million annually on healthcare insurance, and includes insurance for part-time employees. Innovation in instant coffee that no innovation in more than 50 years. Starbucks is best of class in digital and social media. Free wi-fi starting July 1, 2010 and in-store Digital Network of local news in Fall of 2010 (partnership with Yahoo!). Starbucks currently offers free wi-fi for people with Starbucks card. Next step is to offer without a card, nationwide. On Digital Network: People want local news. “In many ways, the Internet was the death of distance.” WSJ will be free on Digital Network (and other paid services – will be free at Starbucks). Starbucks is a place where local things happen – customers asking specifically for news about where they live. Example: Go to Starbucks (new power outlets!), log into wi-fi network, will see continually refreshed content like AOL Requires login and will know where you are – Starbucks card not needed. Why do this? Does it enhance customer experience? Does it drive traffic? YES to both. A high degree of fragmentation in consumer market – Starbucks creating custom menus for ethnic groups (more local relevance). Getting close to customers is significant strategy for Starbucks. The job of the CEO? Est value and culture as they’re just as important as product & innovation. It imprints like a memory. Build brands from the inside out. You can’t exceed your customers’ expectations w/o exceeding those of your own people. Starbucks loyalty card accounts for 70% of transactions and growing. What about experimental ways to order coffee? Remote ordering is deployed in Paris now. Starbucks working to operationalize this ordering capability.
  • BREAK. Will post more when conference continues.

    June 18, 2010 / jamieai

    Bing Health Maps

    Earlier this month, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Institute of Medicine announced the Community Health Initiative. From the website: “HHS health data will be made freely available so that software developers can create innovative applications and make the data more useful for consumers and communities”. Data sources are available from CDC.  The Bing health team is participating in this initiative with interactive, layered health maps using the Bing Health Map Application:

    June 16, 2010 / jamieai


    I’m an avid book reader, and also enjoy listening to books when I travel and drive to work. For the last few months, I’ve been a subscriber of audio books. I do still use iTunes to send audio books to friends (they make great gifts). I’m listening now to What the Dog Saw (written and spoken by Malcolm Gladwell). What a terrific book! Malcolm is a superb author and engaging reader. I’ve since downloaded other Malcolm Gladwell audio books and look forward to listening.

    June 15, 2010 / jamieai

    Firestarter for Atlassian Confluence

    Thanks to everyone who posted twitter updates from the Atlassian Summit last week. I wasn’t able to attend, and followed along with the video and twitter stream.  I heard about a useful tool for Confluence wiki from the summit tweets: Firestarter from AppFire Technologies. Firestarter is a portable wiki appliance that allows community members to view and update Confluence wiki content while away from the office. One Firestarter solution is a USB stick that holds a copy of your enterprise wiki.

    I look forward to testing this solution. It should be useful for people who experience performance challenges over a WAN. Firestarter also works offline, so may be useful during travel (on a train, a plane or other away-from-network times, including conferences or possibly business-vacation time). Video use cases are posted on AppFire’s website.

    The product isn’t available yet, but you can follow AppFire in social networks and through their blog.